Stop the elves from sabotaging the gifts.

First player to start a game is the host. Give your friends the "CODE" so they can join your game, they will be random elves. Up to 5 players (1 host and 4 friends) per game.

Sniper Controls:
A -or- touch/click left arrow - Aim left
D -or- touch/click right arrow - Aim right
SPACE -or- touch/click bottom arrow - Shoot
You have 6 bullets

Elf Controls:
A -or- touch/click left arrow - Move left
D -or- touch/click right arrow -Move right
Hold SPACE -or- Hold bottom arrow (While highlighting a gift) - Sabotage gift, hold until green bar fills up
Sabotage 12 gifts as a team to win
Even if you get shot, you can still win if the other elves don't get shot

Game Design, Engineering - Kyle Hodge
Game Design, Art - Anthony Jones

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