Game Dev & Design - Kyle / Soul

Art & Game Design - Anthony Jones

Sound & Music - Pixabay

Movement - W A S D
Mouse - UI/Menu Interaction
Sweep/Build Pots - E
You Build Pots on empty blue floor mats once they are swept clean

A man and his grandfather live peacefully running their cozy little shop in a cozy little fantasy village, until one day, Lunk, the super chad Hero comes in and smashes all of their pots looking for Gems!

Luckily for them, he keeps breaking his sword and spends the Gems at their shop to buy new swords. The skilled potters try to make harder and harder pots for Lunk to break. Just make sure he doesn't destroy your kiln or you'll be doomed for sure!


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Ganondorf's backstory as a clay pot maker :)

Hahaha for sure