Game-in-a-Day for 7/24/2023


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cool idea but extremely frustrating controls. When I get what I assume is a good shot and the disc goes half an inch but if I make a bad throw it goes 4-5 inches the wrong direction.

Haha, yeah, this was built for our studios internal "Game in a Day" that we do every other Monday. The control scheme was the idea we were playing with. Most of these game, the meter represents the power bar. In this game, it's actually the "Accuracy" bar. So if you pull way back, you're dictating the power and then if you let go right as the bar as at the top and green, it will be very accurate and basically go exactly where you aimed at. If you don't, it will be very inaccurate.

But yeah, it shouldn't go backwards hahaha. Definitely need to do a little patch for that a couple other things. If we revisit this game 2 weeks from now I think we'll either add wind, curved throws and collisions or we might go big and try for procedurally generated levels. We'll see.

Thanks for playing!


Impressive work for a short period of time! Thank you for the clarification. Will give it another shot with the additional info.